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Lawn_sprinklerAnderson Hydroseeding always applies fertilizer to our hydroseed slurry. There are great benefits to fertilizing your grass. Fertilizer is the difference between having just grass that is sitting there doing nothing and a lawn that is thick lush and beautiful. Fertilizer is very important for your lawn and we recommend you fertilize your lawn 4 to 5 times per season. Fertilization is important especially at the start of your growing experience. Our application of fertilizer is important for preparing the ground to start germination of seed. The most critical time to fertilize on your end is when the new grass is starting to come in. This is usually 3 weeks after we have hydroseeded and you begin watering. The reason it is so important to fertilize at this point is that there is now grass root for the fertilizer to attach to. This really makes the difference in promoting growth and thickening of your new grass. We also recommend applying a second fertilization a month later after the first fertilization.

Will fertilization burn my new lawn?

Usually fertilization will not burn a new lawn if these precautions are followed. Only apply the recommended amount on your lawn (follow the bag directions). At the first application you will still be watering your lawn daily, this heavy watering will prevent nitrogen burn. If your fertilization is applied later and you are watering less frequently make sure to soak your lawn the same day after fertilizing, this aids in preventing a nitrogen burn on your lawn. Don’t be afraid to fertilize you truly will see a difference in how your lawn grows, just follow these precautions and enjoy your lawn.

We recommend using an all-around fertilizer such as 16-16-16. You can also use others as long as they have some nitrogen in them such as 20-10-10 or something similar that you find in the lawn and garden section. You can look for a product with slow release nitrogen if you wish; this helps reduce the chance of burning your grass however, it is not necessary You may use liquid or granular fertilizer, we prefer granular in that it seems to last for a longer period of time. Having a fertilization company fertilize your lawn is also a great idea in that your lawn will be fertilized several times during the season. Remember that faithfull fertilization will be more important than what type you use.

One caution! Do not put weed and feed or broadleaf weed killer on your new lawn until you have mowed the grass at least 3 or 4 times.

You will water daily keeping the soil damp for about 6 weeks or until first mowing. Then go to a deep saturation watering 1 to 3 times a week depending on seasonal conditions.


Water is the most important part of growing new lawn period!! What is not watered sufficiently will not grow. Keep your ground sufficiently damp during the germination period. You can over water if your lawn is always staying soggy. Just a nice consistent damp look is what you need.

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