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Erosion ControlPocatello, and all of Eastern Idaho, enjoys a great natural desert landscape. While this environment is beautiful, it can make landscaping difficult for home and property owners. Erosion control can assist individuals in creating landscapes and properties that do not contribute to soil loss, water pollution, and other undesirable consequences. Using hydroseeding techniques, Anderson Hydroseeding can assist you to be an environmentally responsible land owner by preventing soil loss and water pollution of the great Snake River.

Hydroseeding is particularly effective as a means of erosion control because once applied, the hydroseeding mixture stays where it is placed. It does not blow away, as traditionally sowed seeds may, and is rain-resistant. In addition, hydroseeding offers the option of using multiple plant seeds in one application. In areas that have invasive non-native plant species, hydroseeding can reduce the possibility of contamination and allow the natural beauty and native plant species of Eastern Idaho to shine without fear of inadvertently planting invasive species. As an added bonus, Anderson Hydroseeding has a variety of seeds for native Idaho plants, including wildflowers, and drought-resistant grasses, as well as the ability to customize seed combinations to suit your individual needs.

Commercial and other large properties with erosion issues can benefit from hydroseeding. Anderson Hydroseeding is able to cover a large area with native species, mulch to protect the seeds and induce germination, and fertilizer to assist with growth in a short period of time. Hill sides, road ways, and other areas where erosion is a problem can be assisted by the hydroseeding process. Anderson Hydroseeding has worked with the State of Idaho, commercial property owners, and home owners all over Eastern Idaho to prevent the devastating effects of erosion on our natural Idaho beauty. If you think you may have erosion control issues, or need an estimate, contact Anderson Hydroseeding to see what we can do for you and your property.

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