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Many communities and zoning ordinances are requiring that any disturbed area of construction have the dust controlled from blowing into the surrounding area. Water trucks can be used for the very short term or in areas to be re-disturbed within a few days. However if you need a longer term solution that will continue to hold the dust long after it is applied we offer a solution. There are several different products that Anderson Hydroseeding can apply to hold the dust for the long term. We carry gypsum type products as well as tackifiers that will work well. Tackifier which in effect is a glue works very well to control dust. Perhaps you have heard of tackifier being used in hydroseeding for applying to sloped areas, it does work very well anchoring hydroseed into place. When used by itself in water and sprayed onto disturbed soil it binds to the loose soil and joins the dust particles together. This binding of the soil keeps it from separating and being susceptible to blowing away. Tackifier can hold up under natural moisture events such as rain for an extended period of time. As long as the soil is not re-disturbed the tackifier should contain the dust.

For steeper slopes you can use a gypsum based product such as Dustrol which will not only contain dust but will also help in erosion control. It is designed to create a hard protective layer which will hold soils on a steep slope more effectively.

Dust control is a necessity for contractors involved in excavation and building. With local laws demanding that you control the excavated soil, you need to use something that will last into the future without daily dust control which adds to your time and labor costs.

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