Benefits of Hydroseed over Hand Seed

beautiful hydroseeded grassUniformity

With hand seeding there are often large bare areas which need to be reseeded because when the seed is buried much of it moved out of place creating non-uniformity. Also wind and water can blow or wash away large areas of seed. We stir the seed in mulch slurry until it is completely mixed in. When sprayed out upon the ground it forms a blanket which not only hold the seed in place but also has a very uniform spacing. Every square centimeter has the same amount of seed. When seed is placed this closely together it allows it to form sod weeks earlier than hand seeding because the roots can easily join due to their proximity.

Wind proof

We have seen what the wind is like around here. Seed spread on the ground without something to hold it down can easily blow away. We guarantee our product to be wind proof. We have literally planted sand dunes which have held the seed and the sand in place. Hydroseed will not move!

Water resistant

Hydroseed is designed to stay in place even in heavy watering and rainy conditions. While some small areas of seed may move a little, far and away this is best application to prevent water erosion.

Cost savings

While spreading your own seed may be some cheaper, when you try to duplicate the process of hydroseeding it would actually cost you more. Imagine first spreading your seed (trying to get it as uniform as hydroseed) then applying fertilizer, then a mulch on top such as peat moss. Not only are you not saving money at this point you have created a lot of work for yourself.

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