Bonded Fiber Matrix

What is Bonded Fiber Matrix?

Bonded Fiber Matrix (BFM) is a product that is designed to take the place of straw matting. While paper cellulose mulch will hold the seed in place on slopes, bonded fiber matrix will help lock the soil into place and is very effective in the erosion control until the root system of the planted vegetation can permanently hold the soil in place. Bonded fiber matrix is shredded wood mulch that consists of very long fibers. These fibers are long enough to inter-twine with each other creating a locking pattern which binds to the soil to hold it into place. An additive called tackifier is added to the BFM which helps “glue” the mulch into place. Once the BFM application has dried, it takes great force to break through it; yet it still allows for needed moisture to penetrate, and the seed which is applied can still germinate and come up through the dense layer.

Covers More Effectively

BFM covers and conforms to the surface area of the slope or hillside. It sticks on contact to all parts of the slope which reduces rill erosion. Rilling is when water runs underneath typical straw matting applications and can potentially wash away the soil.

Stays in place

BFM stays in place throughout the whole area of application. BFM is warranted by the manufacturer to hold into place.

Environmentally Friendly

BFM’s are more biodegradable after the vegetation is established. BFM will form into the natural sod structure within the first year after of your desired vegetation is in place.

Quick & Cost Effective

BFM is less time consuming than applying straw mulch, thus reducing labor costs and
chance of rain storms washing away your seed before the project is completed. There are several brand names of Bonded Fiber Matrix: most common brands are Soil Guard and EcoAegis. The goal of any erosion control project is to establish natural vegetation as quickly as possible which is why BFM is a great cost effective option.

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