What Is Hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding consists of a combination of water, seed, fertilizer, and mulch to create a
slurry that is easily sprayed onto the soil and takes root quickly. Anderson Hydroseeding
offers different types of mulch specific to your property needs. Types of mulch offered
includes recycled paper cellulose mulches, wood bonded fiber matrix materials, such as
EcoAegis, and Soil Guard, as well as a variety of dust-control products. Anderson
Hydroseeding also offers a variety of grass seed including turf, natives, wildflowers, drought tolerant, specialty grasses, and fertilizer. As an added benefit, hydroseeding often costs up to 75% less than laying sod, and does not require back-breaking labor on your part.

Hydroseeding Benefits

Hydroseeding is windproof, and wash-resistant, which is needed in Eastern Idaho’s erratic
weather. Hydroseeding stays where it is placed; tackifier additives can be used on steep
slopes. The biodegradable mulch is a blue-green color, which makes it easy to see where
the product has been applied. The color fades within a week of application. Uniformity is a
key benefit to prevent the “spotty” growth often seen when you hand seed. These features
make hydroseeding an excellent choice for all landscapes.

Ideal Growth Conditions

Hydroseeding is also a fast way to create a lush, green lawn that goes from barren dirt to
mowing in just 4 to 6 weeks. Premium growing conditions include keeping the seed in warm
and damp soil. Germination depends on temperatures; the warmer the soil the quicker
seeds will germinate. Continuous watering is necessary to keep in the soil damp at all
times; this with fertilizer ensures you have a lawn that is well-fed and ready to grow. You
can expect to be mowing your new beautiful lawn in less than two months!

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