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Premium Turf Mix

Our premium turf mix is a customer favorite and one we have used since 1995. Our premium turf mixes have the highest quality variety of Kentucky Bluegrass and Perennial Rye in them. These varieties have performed the best in industry tests for our intermountain climate. Our varieties create the dark green color you expect, as well as an assured hardy and disease resistant stand of grass.

Turf Grass Varieties

Kentucky Blue:

Very soft for children’s play
Continues to thicken (rhyzominous) into a dense sod; great weed control
Very hardy for our climate
Dark green color
Most common used turf grass in our area


Perennial Rye:

Great with traffic
Protects the bluegrass during the germination process
Fast growing; establish lawn quicker
Grub resistant


Fescue grasses:

Uses about 30% less water than bluegrass
Rebounds better if lawn browns out
Good with traffic.


Sodar Streambank:

Most drought tolerant of turf grasses
Thickens over time
Rebounds very well if brown out occurs

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