Lawn Care

Watering Instructions

Watering is perhaps the most important aspect of grass development. Your job is to keep the soil moist (5-6 inches below the surface) at all times. Do not water area without some type of sprinkler. Ensure the surface area is a chocolate brown color at all times. If the area becomes gray in color, more water is needed.

Automatic Sprinkler Systems: Water the area short periods of time frequently throughout the day. Depending on soil drainage and outdoor temps, we suggest 3-5 times a day, for 10-20 minutes per watering station. If area stays muddy from one watering cycle to the next, slightly reduce the minutes per cycle.

Hand Watering: We suggest using an impact head type of sprinkler, which evenly covers a large area at one time. Water heavily 2-3 times every day for an hour or so each time. You may consider a timer to be placed on your hose bib to help your watering times be more automatic. A mid-day watering is
extremely important.


Regular fertilization is important for a well-maintained lawn. Our hydroseeding application contains fertilizer. This fertilizer will last 2 weeks. Fertilize every 2 weeks for 6 weeks after hydroseed application. Select fertilizer with nitrogen as indicated by the first number on the fertilizer bag such as 16-16-16 or 20-10-10. We recommend 50 lbs. per every 10,000 sq.ft. Make sure to water sufficiently after fertilization to avoid burn. An indicator of needed fertilizer is the presence of yellow areas of grass, and/or areas that do not grow in height over time.

What About Weeds?

Weed seeds are in all soils, just like a garden. Because of the optimum growing conditions used in hydroseeding, weed seeds will try to germinate. Do not be concerned when they appear. As the grass starts to establish, many weeds cannot survive as the grass roots will take over. Proper maintenance of your lawn such as mowing and fertilizing will control weeds. Do NOT apply a weed and feed or any kind of herbicide to the newly germinated lawn. Only after your 4th mowing, may an herbicide be used.


Mowing of the area is estimated at around 5-6 weeks. After first mowing change water schedule to deep soaking 2-3 times a week instead of daily.

Can I Walk on it?

Light foot traffic and moving hoses can be tolerated for watering purposes. Large animals should avoid the area. The area is established and ready for normal traffic usually in 5-6 weeks.

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